SAR Report



  Equipments for Psychology Laboratory :
  Apparatus for simple experiments related to Educational Psychology, Intelligence Tests (Performance, non-verbal and verbal) Aptitude Test, Creativity Tests,Personality Scales, Attitude Tests and Interest Inventories. (Photos)
  Equipments for Education Technology Laboratory :
  Radio, TV, CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Recorder, Slide-Cum-Film-Strip projector of 35 mm, one Overhead Projector, one Still Camera, ten Blank Audio Cassettes, Art Materials for preparation of Charts and Slides, materials for transparencies, 3 computer with supporting accessories, Facilities for accessing and use of digital learning resources and Access to Internet. (Photos)
  Library :
  The library Above 3000 books including text books on teacher education, educational technology, education psychology, educational administration & Management. Health Education, Computer Education, Methods of Teaching various subjects etc. with a 300 reference books. Five journals of which three professional educational journals and at three sent of encyclopedia. (Photos)
  Science Laboratory :
  The institution has multiple sets of Science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate all. The experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes. Chemicals etc. Are also available in the required quantity. (Photos)
  Playground :
  Sufficient playground attach with the geetanjali shikshan sanstan borawar, nagour(Raj) for outdoor games football , baliwall , cricket , etc. (Photos)
  Seminar Hall :
  Well furnish and comedy with the audio, video, Mick, over head projector, blackboard with the seating of 150 participant. (Photos)


(The following information will be displayed by the Institution converned in its own website for the information of all concerned simultaneously with submission of application to the NCTE seeking grants of recognition and updated from time to time as per Clause 8(14) of the NCTE(Recognisition Norms & Procedure) Regulations.

1. Instructional Facilities  
  Educational technology  
1. No. of computers 08
2. Internet Access Yes
3. Local Area Network (LAN) Yes
4. LCD Projector Yes
5. TV. Yes
6. VCR / DVD Yes
  Psychologica Laboratory  
1. Manuals Yes (10)
2. Appratus Yes (05)
  Science Laboratory  
1. Area of lab in Sq. Mts. 800 Sq. Fit
2. Appratus, Camicals and Instuments Up to Secondary Level cost
  Cultural Facilities  
1. Musical Instruments and Their numbers Yes
2. Atheletics yes
3. Games yes (Outdoor and Indoor)
  Languages Laboratory  
1. Area of Lab 500 Sq. Fit
2. Equipments Audio and Vidoe with CD
  Arts and Crafts Resource Centre  
1. Number of Instruments 05
2. NO. of Charts 50
  Health and Physical Resource Centre  
1. No. of Charts 60